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60 Powerful Minutes                                      

We were commissioned to write this song for a local United Way campaign.

Written by Linda & Greg Lewis. Performed by Linda & Greg Lewis, with Ron Brandon. Copyright 1992, BMI.

An hour of your time may not seem like it can make a difference; in helping another human soul to have a better life. But one hour can become Sixty Powerful Minuites; when united with each other, to achieve a common goal.

One hour of love can give hope to a hurting child, reaching out in hope to you. And to our older friends, who've been left with no one. Who cares anymore? Do you?

Sixty powerful minutes can change the lives of those you see, everyday. As you look into the faces of those in need. And you wonder; could I help in any way?

Don't sit on the sidelines, doing nothing to help. Thinking you alone, can make no change. An hour of your time can make a difference in a life; in so many ways. In so many ways.

Sixty powerful minutes can help another human sole, to have a better life.