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Linda and Greg Lewis, as husband and wife, have been performing and writing music for the past several years. At the age of two, Linda, along with her two brothers and older sister, began singing and performing before audiences as a professional entertainer throughout the country. At only 7 years old, Linda and her family, sang on a popular CBS TV show in Hollywood. At the age of twelve, she made her first record. She continued her singing career into her adult hood, where she performed concerts along with artists such as Bobby Goldsboro. When Linda was 17 years old, she was diagnosed with Cancer. The doctors told her parents that she only had a 6% chance to live. It was a very rare kind of tumor, rarely malignant. The doctors called it a miracle because she wasn't expected to make it. But make it she did, and is even written up in medical journals. Although she wasn't a Born Again Christian at that time, her doctor was. He later told Linda that he and his wife had prayed for her. Linda now believes that it was the Lord's will for her to live.

Greg began his music interest at the age of 11. He has a natural gift for playing music. Greg is not only an accomplished guitarist, but plays keyboard also. He started his career by playing guitar and singing in a local band. It was while playing lead guitar with this band that he met Linda. She was the lead singer in her own local band, and hired Greg to play guitar with her group. It wasn't long after meeting each other, that they became Born Again Christians. They realized that Lord had brought them together, and that He had a special calling on their lives. They got married and started a new direction with their lives and music.

Together, they write and perform their own songs, some having received National and International attention. They are not limited to just one style of writing, but have written songs for many different occasions. Their songwriting includes Gospel, songs for Vietnam and Desert Storm Veterans, United Way, Keiko, country, jazz, love songs for Weddings, songs to comfort in time of sorrow, and a special Christmas Song.