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Once I Had A Dream

With God, dreams can come true.

Written and performed by Linda & Greg Lewis. Copyright 1994, BMI.

Once I had a dream. I hoped it would come true. But now I know, for some of us; dreams don't turn out, like you want them to.
I tried to hide my feelings, and show that I was strong; reaching deep within myself, to find where I belong.

But has my dream now ended? Was it doomed right from the start? When they took away my hopes and dreams, they tore my world apart.
But I can still believe. I can start all over again. As long as there's a chance for me; I know this time, I'll win.

I still have this gift. They can't take that away from me. As long as I believe in the Lord, one day this world will see that dreams do come true.

As long as I believe in the Lord, one day this world will see. That once you have a dream… He will make it come true.