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When We Shared                                  

This song is to bring comfort to anyone who has lost someone dear to them. And to help them remember that they have shared a part of another's life.
That can never be taken away.

Written and performed by Linda & Greg Lewis. Copyright 1991, BMI.

NOTE: Forgotten Soldier, Lady Bell, At The Wall, & When We Shared are all available on our CD 'Remembered Forever'.

Sometimes, saying 'good-bye', can be the hardest thing to do; especially to one who has meant so much to you.
You've shared these years together; growing and learning, and building memories.
And even though he's gone away, you won't forget those days when you shared in each other's lives.

Even though they'll be some tears, you will cherish all those years. And his memory will remain in your heart.

You each became a part of one another's hearts. And it hard now, to say 'good-bye'. But even though he's gone away, you won't forget these days.
When you shared in each other's lives. When you shared in each other's lives. Good-bye, our friend.